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Hong Kong Island
Green Minibus
Upper Baguio Villa
HKU Station

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From Baguio Villa
via Sassoon Rd

Service Hours     Headway (min)
Mondays to Fridays
06:15 - 20:30
15 - 30
09:30 - 14:00
Sundays & Public Holidays
No Service
Routeing   Major Pick-up/ Drop-off Location Remark  
Upper Baguio Villa (Blk 23 Baguio Villa)
Victoria Rd
Sassoon Rd
Provident Villas    
Pauline Chan Bldg    
R. C. Lee Hall
[Queen Mary Hospital]
Pok Fu Lam Rd
HKCCCU Pokfulam Rd Cemetery    
Pokfield Rd    
MTR HKU Station, Pok Fu Lam Rd
[The Belcher's]
Full fare
From Upper Baguio Villa to R. C. Lee Hall
From Provident Villas to HKU Station

Government Public Transport Fare Concession Scheme for the Elderly and Eligible Persons with Disabilities
Passengers below can travel on this route at a concession fare of $2.0.
- Senior citizens aged 65 or above using Elder Octopus or Personalised Octopus
- Eligible persons with disabilities using "Persons with Disabilities Status" Personalised Octopus
Remark: If the original fare is below $2.0, beneficiaries shall pay the original fare.
Route Map and Pick-up Location
Operator General Elite Limited
Hotline 2522 2770
Hotfax 2523 8233
Last Update 03 OCT 2017